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11th July 2001 Passed my motorbike "A" license driving test today ! Still restricted for 2 years though.
13th June 2001

I am in general very happy with the Zephyr.


  • It is easy to ride, easy to maintain and comfortable.
  • 33 bhp restriction does not affect this bike too much as it is a cool customer - I guess I won't say that if the restrictor is removed !
  • The top speed restricted is around 85 mph and it gets there in a similar way that say an Audi A6 might - fast, graceful and with the minimum of fuss.
  • Great on curvy roads
  • Engine is unbelievably smooth - flat torque curve. Have read that the ZR-7 (son of the Zephyr) is bad in low-rev traffic - my Zephyr has no problem with it!
  • Looks GREAT !


  • If you are going to be doing some open road riding over any distance, get a windscreen ! I'm planning to get one soon.
  • Watch out for leaky gaskets - I've had mine fixed under warranty a few times already but the problem still isn't fully resolved.
  • The front suspension is a bit wallowy over uneven city streets - back is fine though. Had to get a new set of fork seals already. Dont know how long the old ones were on though.
  • Choke is an "all-or-nothing" setup

I also invested in a Haynes manual for the Zephyr so hopefully I'll be able to do some more DIY repairs in future (no more IR£75 for fork seals !)